On May 5th 1929 the hotel and restaurant Mar y Sol was opened in the station of the street car that leads from Sóller to the port. Since then it is run by the Sastre family – since 1979 by Vicente Sastre.

Only during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) the hotel was expropriated for some time and served as the quarters for Italian officers of submarines, that were stationed in the harbor of Sóller. In the seventies the hotel with its five rooms was closed.

Since then, the bar and restaurant has been open for everyone who is visiting Port de Sóller or is on the popular island tour, „Vuelta Isla“ that takes you from Palma to Sóller on the historic train, to Port de Sóller on the famous street car, and on the boat to La Calobra, with its impressive and picturesque Torrente de Pareis.